AssureLease Program


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AssureLease™ Residential – Commercial – Student Housing Lease Tenant Deposit Insurance Program

Ludger Limited is the original inventor and developer of a heretofore-unknown insurance product, AssureLease Residential, Commercial and Student Housing Lease Tenant Deposit Insurance Program.  Developed in conjunction with some of the leading residential, commercial property owner/management companies and college/university student housing directors – the product concept addresses a potentially profitable and major niche market by providing a unique and copyrightable captive insurance structure designed for commercial and residential property owners/ managers along with college/university student housing.  The foregoing is accomplished through a limited indemnification of lessor in the event of loss caused by (1) lessee damage to leased property (2) the abrupt vacating of property, by the lessee, without satisfaction of the final lease payments due under contract and in the case of residential/commercial lessors (3) coverage for costs associated with lease tenant eviction.

AssureLease™ Residential & Student Housing Mandatory Individual Lease Tenant Liability Insurance Program


Ludger is also the inventor and developer of a copyrightable insurance product that allows a residential property owner/management company to easily and effectively require tenants to cover damages they may create or cause to or on the lease premises. This unique program eliminates the problems normally associated with requiring a lease tenant to either procure or provide evidence of liability insurance, prior to leasing residential tenant space.  Research indicates that all states and major municipalities allow a residential owner/manager to require or “force-place” liability insurance on behalf of individual lease tenants.  The AssureLease Individual Tenant Liability Insurance Program (AssureLease), underwritten through A.M. Best’s “A” Rated (Excellent) insurance carrier, eliminates all of the complex issues relating to on-site property managers transacting insurance. AssureLease also eliminates the cumbersome job of vetting prospective tenants’ current in-force insurance coverage or coverages.