Ludger Limited, a Limited Liability Company, is located at:

Ludger House
448 Sixty Second Street
Newport Beach, California 92663-1904

Telephone:         949.574.5868
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Contact:         John Lepire                     Nadia Lepire


Ludger Limited provides consulting services to insurance companies, managing general underwriters, associations and insurance brokerage firms seeking  unique insurance program development solutions to indemnity, aggregation, catastrophe exposures (utilizing both captive and non-captive solutions) and finite reinsurance analysis on behalf of the securities investment community (see "Current Projects" section for additional information).

Ludger Limited offers the following broad portfolio of creative and specialized insurance - financial services:

Business Plan Developement
Insurance Product Development
Captive Insurance Management
Finite Reinsurance Exposure Analysis

Ludger's Executive Management Group combines to present an impressive history of success in the area of specialized insurance program structuring, development and implementation. Moreover, Ludger Limited has allied itself with the following types of organizations in a manner that significantly expands its financial and insurance capabilities:

National Insurance & Investment Brokerage Firms
International & US Insurance Companies
Domestic & Offshore Captive Management Firms
International & Domestic Reinsurers

Through the direction of Ludger, this combination of organizations is by its very nature entrepreneurally oriented and actively seeks to apply its collective experience and expertise to unique and difficult solutions in the critial areas of insurance product development and implementation. Anchored securely to the foregoing, Ludger's services are individually designed with maximum flexibility; assuring that our clients are provided with complete and concrete solutions - structured on a highly customized basis.

Ludger Limited is not an insurance company, reinsurer, financial institution or agent/broker relative to any of the projects we actively entertain. Ludger's strict focus on program design and implementation allows us to work seemlessly and free of any conflicts with the various entities indicated.

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